Katahdin Analytical Services can meet all your testing needs to ensure your water supply is safe for you and your family. Analytical testing is loaded with industry jargon and technical language, and we know it can be confusing! If you are unsure about what testing services you need, please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below. Or simply contact one of our friendly project managers directly.

Homeowners’ FAQ’s

Q. What standards are there for safe drinking water?
A. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established standards for drinking water contaminants that present a risk to public health (“primary contaminants”), and for others that may affect the quality of drinking water, such as its taste and color (“secondary contaminants”). Periodic laboratory analyses of drinking water samples are advisable.

Q. Can I order a test for the most common contaminants in well water?
A. Yes. Our Standard Water Test measures for:
total Coliform/Ecoli, Nitrate, Nitrite, Chloride, pH, Hardness, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Sodium, Arsenic, Uranium and Lead (in running water).

Q. Can Katahdin Analytical test whether lead in my water pipes or fixtures might be contaminating my water?
A. Yes. A homeowner who is concerned about lead in pipes and fixtures that could contaminate the water can request such a test as well. This water sample for lead should be captured upon its “first draw,” meaning just as soon as the faucet or spigot is opened after at least six hours of non-use.

Q. Are there other single tests I could order?
A. Yes. These include Flouride, Uranium, Arsenic and Coliform.

Q. I am applying for a mortgage. Which tests will I need to satisfy the lender?
A. The FHA/ME State Housing Water Test measures for Lead, Turbidity, Color and Odor, in addition to all the compounds that are tested in our standard water test. This test will satisfy the typical requirements for the sale or financing of real property.

Q. Does Katahdin Analytical test for radon in water?
A. If a radon test is requested, we send a water sample out for testing at a facility that specializes in radon. We report their findings along with our test analyses.

Q. I own a business, and I’m just concerned with basic safety. Is there a minimum safety test for drinking water?
A. Yes. Our Safety Test for business properties measures total Coliform/Ecoli, and Nitrate/Nitrite levels.

Q. How do I collect a water sample to be tested?
A. Stop in at our facility, and we’ll provide clean sample bottles for you to use, along with instructions. Water samples should be kept cold and returned to the lab within 24 hours of collection.

Q. When will my test results be ready?
A. The typical turnaround time for most compounds is 7 business days.

Q. How much do these tests cost, and how should I pay?
A. Standard Water Test: $200.
FHA/ME State Housing Water Test: $275.
Basic Safety Test: $70. (A $5 Surcharge applies for reports going to the State Drinking Water Program.)
Single Tests: Arsenic: $40; Total Coliform/E-coli: $36; Uranium: $40; Lead (1st Draw): $40;
Fluoride: $36; Radon $65. (Radon test vials must be topped off - No air bubble.)
Please consult the lab for other tests and pricing.

Payment is due when samples are dropped off.
Payment by cash or check, please!

Our business hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.
We accept samples Monday-Thursday until 4pm, and on Fridays until 2pm.